My hostel in #göreme is in a cave 😎✌️


If these font sizes don’t speak to the relative value of Palestinian life, I don’t know what does.

In addition to the font size, its also the language surrounding the deaths. Not only do we know of the two Israelis, but also their occupation (they were soldiers sent to kill) and where they were killed. Over 300 Palestinians are just referred to as deaths. Anything that was once alive could die. Animals, foliage, etc. They couldn’t even say Palestinians. Even acknowledging the identity of the colonized and allotting them basic humanity is too provocative. No location, no root of cause (because then it’d have to be understood that Israeli aggression is indeed at fault). Just 330 deaths. It all exists in a detached vacuum.But it does refer back to Hamas. No matter what happens to Palestinians, its implicitly suggested that Hamas is to blame. Everything Israel does is reactionary under the normalization of Zionist brutality. To someone who doesn’t understand the nature of Israeli settler colonialist violence, this could very well be understood as Hamas killing Palestinians. The only mention of Israel is through a victim narrative.

Ciao #bosnia! Cappadocia bound 😊


Nothing is more infuriating than reading social media comments that accuse people of being anti-semetic after they condemn the recent behavior of Isreal. Using the tragic deaths of all of the Jews who were oppressed and killed in WWII to try and guilt people out of criticising zionists for their inhumane treatment of a population that they are oppressing and murdering is so many levels of fucked up.

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Hope youre having an awesome time in Bosnia! I'm originally from there and I love it!! where all are you going? if you get the chance, definitely go to Sarajevo! Sretno putovanje! :)


Hey there! I actually arrived in Sarajevo last night but I have no time to explore because I’m flying to Cappadocia early today :( will definitely need to come back!

So amazing live.
Bosnians love meat #noms (at Pocitelj- Bosnia)